• t90

    Kids will never forget their first powered ride. Our T90 offers our 3-wheel stability and our amazing cambering action for carving sweet, smooth turns. It also folds up at the push of a button. Perfect for the younger kids

  • colt

    This ride is the ultimate. With good power and a full air ride, kids and even adults will hop on this and tear up the town! The Colt offers a wonderful blend of exhilarating fun, fitness and transportation all in one compact package. You will not find a better-handling ride on the market. Riders will love its unique hybrid carving action that offers body or electric propulsion!Toy Insider Award Seal2

  • budd-e

    A nice, wide board, air tires and cruiser-height handlebars makes this unit a really enjoyable ride. You and your Budd-e will look totally chill as you cruise California-style…