Go_Kiddo Colt

Our design is inspired by performance. We do ride a lot… The vehicle has to always exceed our expectation. If it doesn’t ride really well, we don’t make it.

Trikke in Schools

Sieera Vista Junior High School, Canyon Country


Physical educators will find that Trikke CVs provide fun and satisfying challenges for students of all skill levels.  Students will enhance their overall health and well-being by utilizing all the major muscle groups and developing cardiovascular fitness in a low-impact and mentally engaging manner.

About us

Go-Kiddo is Trikke Tech’s new ride-on toy division, presenting a new, fun look and feel to capture the playful spirit that encourages kids to get out there and ride! Kids ride for fun first, and then continue to get all the wonderful benefits that come from active riding.

Trikke has been designing, building and distributing its three-wheel carving scooters since 2000 and is the world leader in its field, having sold over half million units around the globe. Trikke’s patented cambering (leaning) technology and platform has been deployed for toys, fitness vehicles (even in school PE programs), and robust electric vehicles used by commuters and Law Enforcement.

Trikke is a well-known brand in the Fitness market with over 4 years on TV infomercial.

Trikke was chosen one of the best inventions of the year by Time Magazine.

  • cambering Trikke’s Patented 3CV design allows riders to propel simply by carving turns. Your entire body engages to propel.
  • foot platformFoot platforms provide a stable and secure riding experience.
  • HandlebarDual Independent brakes & adjustable handlebars.

Trikke designs, manufactures and distributes 3 point carving vehicles based on it’s patented 3CV cambering technology.

Trikke Tech has been bringing its line of outdoor recreation and fitness products to the world since 2002. Trikke designs and manufactures fun fitness products for all ages and distributes to sporting goods retailers, toy stores, consumers and school physical education programs.


B. Wilson

Easy to assemble. Wonderfully bright colors. Going to be a great scooter for our 6 year old son who has wanted to ride with his sister when she rides her scooter. It is functional and more secure for a younger child. Lots of fun.

B. Wilson
S. Toumi

got it for my daughter at her birthday
She’s 7!!
Lot of fun and faster then the regular scooter
Still its safe, great balance and it has brakes.
Go for it!

S. Toumi
Saas C.

It took a minute for my nephew to balance and learn how to make the trike move but once he got the swing of it he loves it.

Saas C.

It took a minute for my nephew to balance and learn how to make the trikke move but once he got the swing of it he loves it.


The T5 carving scooter, is one of the most versatile in training agility, balance, and coordination, while giving the kids a chance to feel secure without falling.”


This Trikke is well constructed and sturdy. My 6 and 8 yr old children really enjoy it. They like it better than a regular scooter and bike.